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People who are healthy mentally as well as physically are happier, more engaged and more productive.

A well thought out approach to mental health should be part of every organisation’s well-being strategy. Our training courses are here to help you create a whole company approach to improving mental health literacy across your organisation. Choosing MMH as your training provider means you can guarantee a quality service delivered by only the most experienced, tried and tested Instructors.

Mental Health First Aiders are trained to trained to spot the signs of stress and offer support and guidance

Why MMH?

Our mission at MMH is to provide a help create a culture of openness about mental health and reduce stigma so that our workplaces are places where all staff can thrive and be at their best. By creating a safe working environment we will be more productive and engaged. We aim to deliver the best mental health training available.

MMH works with a network of Instructors who are experts in the field of mental health and have a long history of delivering exceptional training experiences to the business community. We deliver across the UK and can accommodate multi-site training demands. We listen to our clients and make sure that each training session incorporates our client’s main aims and unique needs.

The Business Case:
Although there are many ‘common sense’ reasons for improving mental health literacy at work, the most recent and comprehensive report outlines the business case for doing this. The Stevenson-Farmer Review highlighted that:

  • Mental Health is still the primary reason for absence but presenteeism is costing employers more, year on year.
  • The cost of poor mental health at work costs employers the equivalent of between £1205 and £1560 per employee each year.
  • This cost is higher in Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Professional Services – up to £2564 per employee.
  • Poor mental health at work costs the UK Economy between £74 and £99 billion each year.
  • Over half of employees said they would not discuss mental health with their manager.

There is hope:

  • The return on investment of workplace mental health interventions averages £4.20 for every £1 spent.
  • The return on investment of providing suitable training could be as high as £9.98 for every £1 spent.
  • Most of the larger UK employers are now implementing pro-active mental health and well-being strategies, including comprehensive training programmes.


  • Produce, implement and communicate a mental health at work plan.
  • Develop mental health awareness among employees.
  • Encourage open conversations about mental health and the support available when employees are struggling.
  • Provide your employees with good working conditions.
  • Promote effective people management.
  • Routinely monitor employee mental health and wellbeing.

If you are a company larger than 500 staff, you can access the City Mental Health Alliance Guide to Thriving at Work Tool, which provides a great starting point. If you are a smaller company, why not start with Mental Health First Aid England’s Workplace Wellbeing Toolkit which offers some simple but evidence based guidelines. MMH will work with you to provide training compatible with these strategies and plans.

Mental Health First Aid is just as important as physical first aid

See what they say:

  • “This training has revolutionized my thinking on mental health. I will absolutely be applying it not only to my immediate team but the wider company (and my personal life). Thank you!”
  • "Jane was amazingly relaxing, knowledgeable and inspiring."
  • "This has been one of the most interesting and enjoyable training courses I have been on in years. In an ideal world, I’d put all management on the course!"
  • "I now feel more confident to ask direct questions about their mental health. I encourage others to talk by confirming how common mental health problems are and that people do get better, with the right help."
  • "By far the best training I have done on mental health - thank you!"

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