Support Plan Resource

Managing a mental health condition or period of crisis at work can feel complicated, overwhelming and a great responsibility. However, whether you are wanting support yourself or looking to support someone, our Mainly Mental Health Support Plan can help. Based on Wellness Recovery Action Planning, it takes an evidence-based approach to staying well. 

You can approach your manager and request a meeting to put your support plan together or it can be part of your Return to Work Plan and ongoing support programme. If you are a People Manager, you can offer staff an opportunity to put one together with you. Use the MHFA England Line Manager’s Resource for further guidelines on how to support staff.

Although our Staying Well at Work Plan is designed for use at work, it can be tailored to provide support for anyone in any situation. It won’t stop people getting ill, but it can reduce (and even avert) the risk of serious crisis. It requires ongoing review and commitment – it’s not just a piece of paper. And, arguably, perhaps we could all do with one from time to time. 

Click to download Staying Well at Work – Support Plan Resource

If you would like further support on how to use this or would like to discuss our training programmes for Managers, do get in touch. 😊